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The challenges of currencies in a global market.

E-commerce businesses operate on global markets but, the foreign exchange market is one of many challenges.

1. Reduce payment service high fees.

Foreign exchange can be difficult to handle logistically, and you can lose a high percentage when you convert it through the bank. MatchPlaceFX helps you to implement more efficient currency conversion methods.

2. Protect your margins.

The Forex market is constantly fluctuating. With cross-border sales your currency might be relatively stable, but another country’s currency might not be. You might start selling at an appropriate price in the target currency. You’re left earning significantly less than you were before. A competitive and stable exchange rates to price in a foreign currency, while protecting your margins by hedging those rates is critical.

MatchPlaceFX offers options such as forward contracts, which fix your exchange rate for up to twelve months in the future. Keeping your cost of sales in foreign currencies under control protects your margins.

3. Paying on time your suppliers.

MatchPlaceFX efficiency for cross border payments at a fair price will avoid frictions with your suppliers. We will help you to maintain good relationship with them. We propose same-day payments and currency exchange.

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