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The Market

You don’t need to open a foreign currency account with a bank. MatchPlaceFX will maintain your flows through safeguard accounts and credit or debit client’s main bank account in their domestic currency.

MatchPlaceFX provides foreign currency conversion prices based on market rates on the global currency markets. We show the current mid-market rate on the global currency markets for transparency.

How to minimise the risk of currency fluctuations?

Market orders can help you to minimize the risk of currency fluctuations. MatchPlaceFX proposes Limit orders or Stop loss orders.

You can configure market orders at a set exchange rate so that they are automatically executed.

Configure your market order with the main characteristics (amount, currency pair, value date…)

Select a target exchange rate: take-profit, stop-loss…

More questions ?

Spot trades are transactions with a value date of today, tomorrow and today + 2 days.

The currency market is very volatile. It changes every day.
FX rates are very difficult to predict but for every business and transaction the most important is to understand your budget levels.

If you think that you need to purchase USD against GBP at 1.6500 to break even your purchase and the current FX rate is 1.6300, you are buying below your budget rate, hence you will incur a loss.

To mitigate this situation, you could have bought a forward at the rate of your budget level or higher. This would remove the fluctuations in FX rates you would face. You have essentially locked in your rate for your budget.


MatchplaceFX only charges you a fair service fee and uses the market rate on global currency markets for conversion.

The cost of payments and transfers through MatchplaceFX is included in our commission. International payments are included in our fee for FX transactions. Your bank may charge you to send or receive money.

  • Various independent price comparisons and survey show the true cost of making an international business transfer.
  • In addition to an upfront transfer fee, banks usually add a markup to the exchange rate offered.
  • With MatchPlaceFX, you only pay a commission fee!
  • It is fair and you get a low-cost transfer.
  • From our experience, very low pricing offered by banks and brokers is obviously temporary. Over time, some clients have found their pricing to have increased. In rare cases banks agree a fixed margin with a client for the longevity of the relationship.

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